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TITLE: Get rid of warts, moles and skin tags the natural way


Are you tired of people asking you WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR FACE? Its not a freckle and its not a beauty mark! Stop spending money on dermatologists, creams and laser treatments to remove it!

These types of skin blemishes are unsightly, unpleasant and can make your life a complete misery!

You always wonder if other people are noticing, and as small as this wart, mole or skin tag (wherever it is on your body) is, it is always on your mind.

In this revolutionary new eBook I show you exactly how I got rid of these obnoxious blemishes using proven natural remedies that are non-toxic, safe, effective and inexpensive!

You dont necessarily need medical attention to get rid of a mole or a problem! You can get rid of many unsightly skin blemishes naturally at home!

In this book I devote an entire chapter specifically to what causes warts, and cover such topics as -

* Who is the most susceptible to developing warts and why

* Why they are so contagious

* How wart infection is spread

* How to avoid being infected with warts

* The difference between regular warts and genital warts and why you cannot get rid of genital warts with natural remedies! (In fact, if you suspect you have genital warts I am going to tell you right now to get to a doctor as fast as possible!)

* What a wart has in common with a benign tumor

* Why some warts become painful

* The type of skin cells and the patterns of growth that are familiar to warts

* Why you should never attempt to cut a wart off yourself

* Why some warts bleed and others do not

* The many types of viruses that can cause different types of warts

* The relationship of the human papilloma virus to warts

* An introduction to the 130 different types of HPV viruses that can cause warts

* Why some warts last only a few days and other take years to get rid of

* Why does a wart grow back in the same place all the time


Introduction 4
Warts a quick overview 6
What are warts and what causes them? 7
Section summary 8
Many different viruses 9
Section summary 9
Are warts contagious? 11
Section summary 11
Who is most likely to contract warts? 13
Section summary 13
Many different types of warts 14
Common or classic warts 15
Plantar warts 16
Periungual or subungual warts 17
Flat warts 18
Genital warts 18
Section summary 19
Natural wart treatments 20
The duct tape method 20
Banana skins 21
Salicylic acid 21
Aloe Vera 23
Tea tree oil 23
Castor oil 23
Cantharidin 24
Echinacea 24
Cryotherapy 25
Vitamin E oil and garlic 26
Commercial natural wart treatments 26
Section summary 26
What are moles? 27
Section summary 28
Who gets moles? 29
Section summary 29
There are different types of moles 30
Is it a mole and is it safe? 30
Section summary 31
What your Doctor might do 32
Section summary 33
Natural methods of getting rid of moles 34
Section summary 35
Removing skin tags naturally 36
Section summary 36
Conclusion 37


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